Welcome to the USA Toy Library Association

The USATLA  helps its members by providing:

• Meetings and one-on-one experiences with other professionals in the field of play, including toy librarians, child therapists, teachers, librarians, toy makers, parents and medical professionals. Regional, national and international conferences provide occasions for dialogue and opportunities to build lasting professional relationships.

• Practical advice and information. USATLA brings you up-to-date information on toys, especially those that carry the most play value. USATLA distributes information on toy repair and discounts. We provide research material on play, toys and early learning. We offer books on play, good toys and how to establish and maintain toy libraries in a variety of settings.

• Educational and promotional materials that help individuals and organizations start and promote toy libraries, understand more about resources necessary to create valuable play environments, and provide quality toys. These materials include:

  1. Newsletter covering toys, play, play environments, trends, people, reading matter, toy libraries;
  2. Packets of materials for media distribution;
  3. Resources available for purchase;
  4. USATLA Operator's Manual describing toy library setup and operation;
  5. Directory of toy libraries in the USA;
  6. Resource pool of hundreds of people involved in the field of early childhood who advocate for or use toy libraries worldwide.

• A world vision. USATLA represents a part of a large international network. USATLA is actively involved in the International Association of Toy Libraries. European leaders in the field of early childhood tie in closely to the toy library and play movement there.

• Informed listening audience. For the manufacturer, distributor or retailer, the USATLA offers opportunities to advertise products in publications and at conference exhibits. The USATLA provides an audience of professionals who purchase toys for their facilities and influence the decisions of parents and providers.

USATLA: Promoting Development Through Toys and Play