Play More…Stress Less:
How Play Encourages Social and Emotional Development at All Ages

Saturday, October 6, 2018 | 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Hosted by: USA Toy Library Association and Cuyahoga County Public Library



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SESSION A - High Anxiety: Understanding stress and anxiety and how they relate to children
with disabilities and the adults who work with them. (This is a 2-hr., 2-part workshop.)
Nina Hillery and Martin Stone, Board Members, USA Toy Library Association
Participants will examine stress and anxiety and how the two affect both child and adult behavior.

SESSION B - Tips for Leading Nature Play
Carly Martin, Naturalist, Cleveland Metroparks
Leading play in nature can be filled with questions. How do we stay safe? Should play be facilitated or spontaneous? What materials help fuel nature play? This naturalist with a passion for nature play will offer new tools and knowledge related to outdoor exploration with children.

SESSION C - Knowing & Growing the Power of Open-Ended Play
Dr. Karl Wheatley, Early Childhood Teacher Education Program Coordinator, Cleveland State University
What is more powerful than traditional academic instruction, more fun than just sitting still and listening, but is getting squeezed out of classrooms, centers, and homes? Answer? Open-ended play. Learn the evidence and take away guidelines and strategies for making open-ended play even more powerful.

SESSION D - Widening the Lens on Behavior: Activities that develop self-regulation, attention,
and more!
Jackie Saggio, Parma Preschool- Co-Director, Lead Teacher; CSU & Cuy Comm Coll- Early Childhood Education Instructor
Are children showing more challenging behaviors than ever before? Are you seeing less focus and attention? In this session, we discuss how to combat behavior challenges with easy to implement activities and games.

SESSION E - “You be the daddy, I’ll be the mommy, you be the baby”....supporting children’s
social and emotional development through dramatic play
Dr. Elizabeth Watters, Assistant Professor, Cuyahoga Community College
Discuss how children’s social and emotional development is enhanced by engaging in high-quality socio-dramatic play. Tips for how teachers can support all levels of players in their classrooms will be shared, along with simple props and themes to enrich dramatic play.

SESSION F - Joyful Yoga and Magical Mindfulness
Leslie Eslinger, Education and Product Development Specialist, Becker’s Toys
Teaching yoga and mindfulness is as easy as breathing in and breathing out. With songs, simple directions, and ready to do activities, you’ll be prepared to share these powerful tools with young children, parents, and teachers. You’ll leave with a “box” of happiness that promises to calm, soothe, and bring joy to all who play along!

SESSION G - Science: The Art of Playing and Exploring
Aimee Marting, Branch Services Assistant and Kyra Nay, Branch Services Librarian, Cuyahoga County Public Library
Playing is a great way to learn about scientific principles. Activities and ideas for adults that work with elementary-aged students will be explored. Come ready to learn how to play with science!

SESSION H - Let Me Play! Types of play, how adults can support each type, and how play fosters
social and emotional health in young children
Kelsey Tarase, Director of Education, Children’s Museum of Cleveland
The Children’s Museum of Cleveland will provide background on what is play and the various types of play. We will include tips for adults on how to foster play in the classroom, library, community center, home, etc. Participants will be asked to join in the fun and play along!

SESSION I - Pretend Play, Creativity, and Well-Being in Children
Dr. Sandra Russ, Distinguished University Professor, Louis D Beaumont University Professor, Department of Psychological Sciences, Case Western Reserve University
This presentation will review the importance of pretend play in developing imagination and creativity. We will review personal research that improves play skills and creativity. The relationship between creativity, play and well-being will be reviewed, and suggestions for play at home and in the classroom will be offered.

SESSION J - Don’t Grow Up – It’s A Trick
Dr. Thea Wilson, Vice President Children and Families, The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland
By tapping into childhood memories we will find lessons from the past that shape the children’s future without the influence of technology. We will touch on social-emotional skills, literacy, and the importance of joy in learning environments.

SESSION K - Get Outside!
Dr. Gail Eichman: Pathways to Quality, LLC - Owner, Trainer, Consultant; Teaching Strategies - Trainer
There is tremendous value in outdoor play. This session will discuss why outdoor play is critical to child development and offer practical ideas teachers can use to enhance outdoor play.

SESSION L - Messing Around: Playing at the Public Library
Anne Friederichs, Children's Librarian, Dakota County Public Library
Growing up around public libraries used to mean you liked to read (and be quiet!) Today it means that you like to play, too! Learn how different types of play can be brought into public library programming and the library building to encourage positive emotional development in children and possibly adults.

SESSION M - “Play is the Child’s Work” But What if the Child is Not a Great Employee?
Gail Nelson, CSU Office of Field Service Program Coordinator, Cleveland State University
When a child struggles to get along with peers it can affect her ability to use play as an avenue to learning. This workshop will look at how to support these students and their peers and enhance learning opportunities through play. You will leave with resource ideas to support classroom practice.

SESSION N - Making the Most of Powerful Interactions During Play
Stacy Carbone Sterling, Child Care Licensing and Step Up to Quality Specialist
and Supervisor, Ohio Department of Job & Family Services
High-quality interactions with caring adults are important pillars in a child’s development. This session will explore the benefits of high-quality adult and child interactions and offer hands-on strategies, tips, and ideas to promote positive interactions and social-emotional growth.