About Child's Play Newsletter

“Child's Play” Newsletter conveys current information on play, toys, toy libraries and child development. Contributing writers offer expertise and experience working with families, children, toys, childcare and toy loan centers. A calendar of events, current reading matter, and members' accomplishments are shared regularly in “Child's Play.”

The editorial focus considers such topics as:
• Toy selection
• Fundraising activities
• Management tips
• International activities
• Members' activities
• Conferences and special events
• Critical issues, both practical and philosophical
• Related child development items

“Child's Play” readers are:
• Toy librarians
• Preschool and nursery school teachers
• Child therapists
• Occupational therapists
• Childcare professionals
• Physical therapists
• Toy retailers/manufacturers
• Librarians
• Medical professionals
• Parents 

The great majority of “Child's Play” readers are professionally involved with children directly. Toy Libraries influence consumers who influence retailers and distributors. As a family center, the toy library is a source of influence within the community. The typical toy library may service hundreds of families annually with a significant increase in clientele each year. All of these clients buy toys independently from the library. This affords a broad exposure to toys that foster a child's growth and makes the parents discriminating, informed shoppers. Collectively, this body of enlightened consumers impacts the retail market.


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